Inquiring Minds


The 2016-17 applications are now CLOSED.  Thank you for all your interest in our programs.  All sites will be notifying teachers of acceptance by May 12th.

Children learn best by doing. The Inquiring Minds partnership offers teachers an opportunity to move their classroom to a community site for a week of hands on, multi-sensory learning. Student learning is enhanced by meeting curriculum expectations through meaningful connections to the real world.

We are so excited to celebrate our friends in Calgary at Open Minds/Campus Calgary for having 100,000 students through their programs.  Way to go guys!  Check them out on this video: Campus Calgary Celebrates 100,000 Students

Exciting news from our sites is that there may be an opportunity to be selected at a pilot project site this year.  Please note: that if you are not accepted your application may be passed on to one of these REALLY cool sites!


2 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds

  1. Hello!
    I am wondering if those programs are available to homeschooling families. I don,t have a teacher degree but I would be very interested in putting a group together, attending the 2-day teacher prep and prepare students for it.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for reaching out to us. Because of the wide variety of programs and constraints on each program it is challenging to give you an answer that covers all sites. The best 2 suggestions for you are to 1) come to our Open House on Jan 20th at the zoo from 4-6pm because all of the coordinators will be there and you can have all your questions answered or 2) directly contact the site school(s) you most interested in and see if they can accept a homeschooling group. All of the site school coordinators contact information is on the website and we would all love to hear from you.

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