The 2020-2021 application is now closed. Please read through the 2020-2021 Inquiring Minds Application document carefully as it contains a lot of very important information including deadlines and information for your site school proposal.

Part 2: 2020-2021 Site School Experience Proposal

Thank you for your interest in Inquiring Minds Site Schools. Teachers will be let know if they are accepted of not by the end of May 2020.  If you have any site specific questions feel free to let the appropriate Site Coordinator know.

These ideas are important to consider :

  •  Each site offers programs to specific grades. Ensure that the site you apply for accepts your grade.
  •  Programs operate September through May. Number of weeks and dates offered is site-specific.
  •  Final acceptance will be based upon number of applications received. Continued acceptance to any of the programs is at the discretion of the site coordinator.
  •  All sites are funded differently and will have different costs. These costs are subject to change. Some sites may have scholarships or grants available for classes demonstrating high needs. Speak to the site coordinator for more information.
  •  Teachers must apply to be accepted. The application must be completed by the teacher applying (it may not be completed on the teachers’ behalf by another individual or group).
  •  Teachers who apply should be committed, thoughtful professionals who themselves are curious and creative. The teacher is the designer of the week.
  •  A separate application must be filled in for each class applying.
  •  The accepted teacher must attend each full day with the class unless prior arrangements have been made with the site coordinator.
  •  The site coordinator must be notified of any changes to the application once accepted. Continued acceptance is dependent upon the site coordinators approval of changes.
  •  A class is considered to be only the students registered in one teacher’s home room. A class typically consists of 30 students or less. Larger classes require the approval of the site coordinator.
  •  The teacher is accepted into the program (not a class, grade or school). In the event of changes to grade or school assignments, acceptance follows the teacher (with the approval of the site coordinator).
  •  A teacher or class will not be accepted into more than one site in a school year.
  •  The site coordinator reserves the right to withdraw any acceptance at any time.

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