Some words from each program

Active Living School

Everything we do is tied to our belief in physical competence and facility comfort. We introduce students to facility staff and operational practice, provide active and energetic physical activity sessions, and encourage daily reflection. Students and teachers are immersed for an entire week in this active and educational program!

Citadel School (Citadel Theatre and Academy)

Spend the week immersed in the performing arts! Students will get to explore the Citadel Theatre from the inside out through the lens of curriculum-based activities integrating drama, music, improvisation, theatre history and much more. Students will learn by doing as well as by interviewing the many people who contribute to our theatre season. This will help them to gain an understanding and appreciation of the collaboration, innovation and creativity that go into making a successful production. By spending a week in the Arts District downtown, students will learn about the importance that Arts and Culture have within our community.

City Hall School 

Leaving the confines of the classroom and immersing themselves in the rich learning in community of City Hall students gain an understanding of complexity of issues that affect our city and the important roles of citizens in municipal government.  Student journals are filled with Reflections, Observations, Wonders and Sketches as they focus on social responsibility, the environment, history and democracy.  The connections with their city and curriculum start in September with a presentation of a “Key to the City” and end with a celebration of citizenship.  Weekly City Beat eNewsletters keep classes engaged and inquiring.

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Edmonton Oilers ICE School

At ICE School teachers are given the opportunity to move their classroom into the world of Rogers Place and the new Edmonton Ice District.  ICE School incorporates site facilities and the provincial curriculum to develop a week of hands on learning to fit the needs of each class.  At ICE School we believe learning occurs when experiences are concrete, real and meaningful, when connections are made between topics, concepts and skills and when time is provided for observation and reflections using journals.

EJ School (Edmonton Journal)

No EJ School 2017-18
If you check the application for 2017-18, you will notice EJ School is not there.
This is the last school year of EJ School.
There will be 3 more classes: one each in Jan, Feb and March and then the program will be done.

Am I sad? Yes.

After 5 years, 32 classes and amazing teachers and over 800 students, it has been a wonderful experience of week-long, site-based inquiry. The Edmonton Journal staff have been warm, welcoming and eager participants in this process. It has been my absolute pleasure to meet a host of amazing writers during this time.
But we have known for at least 2 years that this program (and perhaps the Edmonton Journal and PostMedia) were living on borrowed time.
Ever since this idea was a twinkle in Linda Hut’s eye in 2012 and she helped the Edmonton Journal, Karen Unland and Barb Wilkinson find their way to Inquiring Minds, EJ School has been an awesome example of stripped down, grassroots site building.
However, in-house program champion, Barb Wilkinson, will be leaving the Edmonton Journal at the end of January.
The staff at the Edmonton Journal have been dealing with a steady stream of loss and while huge supporters of this little program are resigned to what will happen.
Linda intends to take interested City Hall School classes over for a visit as long as she can. She does an amazing job in her time there.
When I sent out this info to EJ School teacher alumni, I received back many kind words of their experience of the program. It really has been a great gift to work with open and creative educators.
Change is inevitable and I do not feel print journalism is done. But technology is changing media in many ways.
I do know now that reliable, accurate and timely news is not actually free of charge. What that means to the future of newspapers I am not sure.
In the words of John F. Kennedy “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

Sandy VanRiper

Farm School (Multicultural Heritage Centre)

It is with regret that the Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre has not yet received funding for the 2017/2018 school year. Because of this fact, we are not able to offer Farm School in the 2017/2018 school year.  Farm School has been a valuable site-based school with such amazing farmers who support this ‘Farm to Fork’ site school.  Thank you for your interest, it is the hope of the Inquiring Minds Network that we might offer a similar program at some point on a farm setting.

Fort School (Fort Edmonton Park)

Fort School, at Fort Edmonton Park is an experience that will immerse students in a time and place like no other. A Recognized Museum through the Alberta Museum Association, the Fort Edmonton Park Education Department features programs in the four eras represented at the Park. Students can learn the trade routes of the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1846 and bake over a wood-burning stove just as Edmonton’s early settlers would have done. Fort School operates in September to April of each school year, with final acceptance based on the number of applications and potential funding. Final acceptance is based on the decision of the site coordinator. Please contact Heather Lam, Fort School Educator for further information.

The vision of Green School is to enable every child and teacher to develop an appreciation for the natural world. Immersion in the community of the Devonian Botanic Garden (plants and trees, animals, birds, wetlands, and people) allows for authentic learning experiences and for developing observational skills using journals.  This creates the potential for activities where the curriculum lives and encourages undertakings, which go beyond the week at the Garden, inspiring hope in hearts and minds to live and learn well.

Jube School (Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium)

Spend the week immersed in the arts! Explore the Jubilee Auditorium from the inside out through the lens of curriculum based activities integrating visual art, drama, music and more. Students will develop modern competencies, such as innovation, creativity and collaboration while exploring the learning rich environment provided by a monument built to celebrate the pioneering spirit of Alberta. Each student will receive a journal to record their observations and experiences and teachers will be supported to provide a year’s worth of learning.

Museum School (Royal Alberta Museum)

This important announcement is followed by a general program description:

Museum School will not run in 2017-18.  During this time, the museum galleries will be closed as we start our move to the new museum.  Our current galleries will turn into construction zones as specimens, objects and dioramas are removed to help populate more than 82,000 square feet in our new galleries.  We will miss you, but we are excited about all we will have to offer in the new museum!

Museum School is a 5-day program that invites you to use the Royal Alberta Museum as your classroom.  You will explore our exhibits and grounds, choose three special guest speakers, and participate in a Behind the Scenes Tour. The Museum School week provides immersion into a community facility rich in resources and experiences. By walking in the footsteps of museum staff, exploring collections and recording thoughts in special journals, you will learn about Alberta’s natural and cultural histories and expand the way you look at your community and your province.

School at the Legislature

Bring your students to our fully equipped classroom to experience government first-hand and to meet the people behind today’s headlines!  The School at the Legislature program is targeted towards meeting all aspects of the Grade 6 curriculum and aims to educate students about citizenship and democracy while providing a fun and exciting learning environment.

Science School @ TWOSE (TELUS World of Science Edmonton)

This important announcement is followed by a general program description:

Science School @ TWOSE will be running a pilot year in the 2016-2017 school year with a minimum of 4 weeks, beginning in winter 2016. We encourage teachers with a sense of adventure to apply, as we are looking for creative leaders to help us make the pilot year Science School @TWOSE a success!

Students are inspired to explore STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through collaborative design projects, guided explorations of the natural environment, experimentations with engineering and technology, and learning through play. This journey helps students to develop a passion for science and discover the areas that excite them. In addition, students are encouraged to journal and reflect on their experiences, as these are important parts of the Inquiring Minds philosophy.

Sound School (Francis Winspear Centre for Music)

Explore all aspects of sound in this week spent at the Winspear Centre!  You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at concerts and other events, with the opportunity to meet professional musicians, sit in on an Edmonton Symphony orchestra rehearsal, and even perform on-stage!  Students will gain hands-on experiences with a variety of instruments, will explore the acoustic properties of Enmax Hall, and will learn about the importance that Arts and Culture have within our community.

U School (University of Alberta)

U School is designed to give students the opportunity to interact with University of Alberta staff, students, professors and community members while learning about a wide variety of teacher-directed topics.  Students are introduced to the U of A and our sessions take place primarily on North Campus.  Please note U School only accepts applicants from socially vulnerable metro areas and provides rural opportunities to those outside of metro areas.

Zoo School (Edmonton Valley Zoo)

Get closer to the animals at the Edmonton Valley Zoo!   Imagine how memorable learning is when smelling, touching, hearing and seeing our residents up close and personal.   Zoo School offers a customized curricular weeklong immersion into the inner workings of the zoo.  This program builds writing and observational skills through the use of a naturalist journal, beginning in September and carrying on throughout the year until June.